The following rules are valid to every 1stwave universes.

If you have got any question about them or the reason you have got banned, please contact a game operator through the ticket system:

Remember that the complaints about private accounts will only be discussed with their legit owners.

If you got any doubt about the rules you may consult them here.

1. Accounts

The account owner will always be the owner of the email account that was used to create the game account.
The game account must be used and played by its owner only. The only exception is "sitting" (Account sitting).
The accound exchange inside a universe must be done with the assistance and supervision of a game operator by opening a ticket to the support. That can be done here:
When someone gives away an account, at least 30 days must pass before it can be given away again. After the new owner takes possession of the account, he must change the email address during the first 12 hours.

2. Multi-accounts

Each player can play one account only per universe.
If two or more accounts are played, even if just once in a while, from the same internet connection (for example: from a school, university, public wifi or Cybercafe), you must get a game operator approval by opening a ticket:
If the game operator allows it, then no contact what so ever can be made between those accounts.

3. Sitting (Account sitting)

Sitting allows you to trust a player to take care of your account. In that case, before the Sitting takes place, you will have to inform a game operator by opening a ticket:
An account may be sitted for a maximum period of 12 hours.
The Sitting is considered finished as soon as the owner logs in the account.
Its not allowed any fleet movement while Sitting. If your attacked, its only allowed to fleetsave to one of your own planets/moons, debris field, or in a colonization mission.
The Sitter may spend resources in buildings and researches, but not in any ships or defenses.
Its only allowed to sit an account that hasnt been sitted on the last 7 days.

4. Bashing

Its not allowed to attack a players planet or moon more then 6 times for each 24 hours. This rule also applies to the moon destruction missions. In special universes and in the forum ( ), the Bashing rule may be reviewed.
Bashing is allowed only when your alliance is in war against the other players one. The war must be announced in the forum on the right section, and must follow every war rule that is established and announced in the forum.

5. Pushing

Is forbidden to obtain unfair profit from an lower ranked account.
Pushing, is the resource exchange from a lowered ranked player, without getting anything in exchange, or the intentional destruction of a high ranked player fleet to profit from its debris.
The exchange must be done in a 48 hours windows.
In special events (like sharing the profit of an combined attack, helping recycling, etc.) a game operator must be notified by ticket: (

6. Bugusing / Scripting

Its forbidden to get any advantage from a game error or bug, just as its forbidden to know about it and not to report.
Its also forbidden the using of scripts between the player and the game, or any other program or macro that collects in an automatic way information.

7. Real life treats

Its forbidden to insinuate that you will localize or pursuit any, member of the team, the Orizon Project or the Darkmatter Society.

8. Insults and spam

Any insult or spam is forbidden.

9. Language

The game operator may exclude or ban a player that doesnt comunicate using the official universe language (for example: in game, forum, or any other official comunication channel.

10. Breaking the previous rules

Regarding the seriousness of the infraction, breaking the quoted rules will result in warnings and bannings.
The game operator will choose the lenght of the ban.

11. Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are complemented with these rules, there for they must by accepted too.